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Abstracts are invited for oral and poster presentations based on the broad theme “Fetal Therapy Current Protocol and Concepts” Fetal Therapy based treatment in the following topics:


Fetal Intervention / Fetal Therapy in
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Congenital Anomalies
  • Fetal Cardiac defects / Rhythm disturbances
  • Liquor problems
  • Genetic disorders
  • Fetal Anemia
  • Techniques of Intervention
  • Fetoscopy and its utility
  • Fetal surgery

Individuals are invited to submit an abstract of their original research work or case reports related to the specified topics.

Authors need to create a login ID before submitting the abstract. Authors need not pay the registration fee for the conference to submit the abstract. The abstracts will be peer reviewed, scored and then allocated as suitable for oral or poster presentation.

The decision of the Abstracts Review Committee will be final. If the abstract is accepted either for Oral or Poster presentation, the presenting author will have to pay the registration fee for the conference while submitting their acceptance letter i.e abstracts can be submitted without registration fee, but if accepted, payment of registration fee is mandatory for presentation.

General Information

All abstracts must be written in English. They can be submitted online or by email using the following dedicated forms
Submissions will be accepted only if they are typewritten in these forms. Authors sending the abstract by email may download these forms from the website or request them by mail or letter to

Conference Secretariat:
Website : www.apcft2023.com
Mail : apcftchennai@gmail.com

Last Date for Abstract Submission: 16th October 2023

Authors will be informed whether their abstract has been accepted by the 10th of October, 2023 by email.

Content of the Abstract

All abstracts must be limited to a maximum of 200 words, excluding the title. If the abstract exceeds 200 words, the submission will not be accepted.
Abstract should be in Arial font size 12. Title is to be followed by name of the authors. Last name of each author must be entered followed by the initial and separated from the next name by a comma. The name of the presenting author should be entered in the specific slots. Titles of the authors such as Professor, Chairman, President, Dr. etc should not be included. The name of the institution to which the authors are affiliated needs to be included, followed by the respective city and country. This should be followed by the email/,postal address /fax number of the presenting author.

All abstracts should have the following structure:

  • For Original Research Article: The abstract itself should be structured under the side headings of Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Figures/graphs/tables or images MUST NOT be included in the Abstract. References and credits MUST NOT be included in the abstract.
  • For Case Reports: An unstructured abstract must be submitted. Figures/graphs/tables or images MUST NOT be included in the Abstract.
Authors need to proof-read and edit their abstracts before submission, as abstracts once submitted cannot be edited.